Bayer's Amazon Challenges
Pradeep Subbarayan
on May 10 2019

One of the primary challenges Bayer runs into in its drive to be successful on Amazon is organizational. They often try to run an e-commerce business just like they would a brick-and-mortar business. E-commerce requires different tools and different mindsets. When Bayer ramped up its e-commerce business it employed a number of tools that were disaggregated from each other, and didn't talk to each other. Bayer wanted to address the limitations that were blocking Bayer's success on Amazon including developing an understanding of the algorithms underlying Amazon's flywheel, and adapting to the tremendous speed that Amazon operates at. 

Watch the video below to learn how these hurdles impacted Bayer's business, and the specific steps they took to address them: 


This is part #3 of a series of 9 webinar snapshots you can explore to learn more about how Bayer uses CommerceIQ to drive its success on Amazon: 

#1. What are Bayer's E-commerce priorities? (time = 3:02) 

#2. How was Bayer's E-commerce business setup and what challenges did they have on Amazon? (time = 3:06)

#3. Examples of Bayer's business challenges. (time = 2:33)  

#4. Why did Bayer choose CommerceIQ? (time = 4:49)  

#5. What impact did CommerceIQ have on Bayer in the first 3 months? (time = 1:45) 

#6. How CommerceIQ helped Bayer tackle 3P sellers? (time = 2:37) 

#7. What quantifiable results did Bayer achieve with CommerceIQ (time = 2:09) 

#8. How do Bayer's E-commerce and Amazon sales teams view the impact of CommerceIQ? (time = 1:27) 

#9. Popular strategies used by CommerceIQ customers and their business impact. (time = 2:39)



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