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January 22, 2020

Top Household Cleaning Brands Hold Their Positions on Amazon

The top three brands for organic share of voice in Amazon’s Household Cleaning category have clearly separated from the pack, and held their respective positions for the entirety of 2019.

This analysis focuses on organic share of voice for the top keywords in Amazon’s Household Cleaning L3 category. It highlights brand trends at the broad category level. Request a Demo for an in-depth look at how your brand can deploy AI and automation to keep pace with Amazon’s algorithms and drive your e-commerce performance.

Weiman, Clorox and Lysol have been steady leaders the entire year for organic share of voice, though none of them gained share, which is why they occupy the top-left quadrant. Rising challengers who did achieve noticeable gains in organic share of voice are Cottonelle, Mrs. Meyers and Sprayway, which is why they are positioned in the lower-right quadrant. Of course, the best spot to be is the upper-right quadrant which is reserved for brands who are already share of voice leaders and who continue to add to their share. You can see for this category that quadrant is empty.


The Household Cleaning category displays a typical pattern below the top 5 brands for organic share of voice with 20+ brands in the 1-2% range. . And this category in particular is quite fragmented for organic share of voice, relative to other Amazon L3 categories. Below you can see how the Household Cleaning category stacks up against some of the other categories we’ve analyzed.

L3 Category Concentration Household Cleaning

It’s worth noting again that we’re of course looking at organic share of voice at the L3 level, so the metrics would change for each brand if we focus just on their niche/target keywords. We can get that for you, but it’s going to require a conversation 😉

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