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June 17, 2019

Three Primary Brands Own the Humidifier Parts & Accessories Amazon Category

The discussion in the Humidifier Parts & Accessories category centers upon three primary brands: AirCare (Essickair), Aprilaire (Research Products) and Crane. A crew of brands with very small share of voice and high revenue leakage (many likely have 3P models) pack the Laggards quadrant.


This BrandIQ Quadrant benchmarks brand performance by the critical disciplines of supply chain operations and marketing. Who is best able to both drive and fulfill demand on Amazon in this category? The metric that underpins marketing is Share of Voice (how often your brand appears in organic or paid search results), and for operations it’s revenue leakage (how well are you able to avoid losing sales because shoppers are unable to buy your product because it’s unavailable, lost buy box to 3Ps, etc.). Given Amazon’s ever-increasing complexity and speed, mastering both is not simple.

High IQ Brands


AirCare stands alone as the top marketer in the category with 13.4% share of voice, which is well over 2x its nearest competitor. AirCare is driven largely by organic share of voice (13.4%) vs. paid (1.4%).

On the revenue leakage side AirCare is the #2 brand with 10.5% loss of revenue. This actually places them in the Large Leakers quadrant, but its relative position is so strong we deemed them worthy of the High IQ Brand quadrant. It is losing 3.1% to availability issues and 7.4% to loss of the buy box to 3Ps.

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Niche Performers


Despite relatively low share of voice (1.2%) that places it at #17 in the category, its supply chain execution is so strong it earned the sole position in the Niche Performer quadrant. Aprilaire is only losing 4.7% to revenue leakage, with the vast majority of that due to issues with 3Ps.

On the marketing side, Aprilaire’s paid share of voice (3.1%) is considerably higher than its organic (0.9%). It is #4 in paid share of voice behind:

  1. FilterBuy (12.4%)
  2. Tier1 (4.4%)
  3. Veva (3.4%)
  4. Crane ( 3.2)

Aprilaire ranks only #20 in organic share of voice.



The Laggards quadrant is packed with 12+ brands (there are more logos then this that we didn’t include). Many of the brands are pretty strong marketers such as BestAir with 5.8%, all the way down to Crane with 1.1%. That’s not a bad range given how many brands there are.

Only Crane is showing decent revenue leakage metrics at 12.1%. However, I would imagine many of the brands are operating a 3P business model, as 17 brands show leakage at 100% or close to it. That typically means they are not selling 1P and are just fine having a 3P (often themselves) take the revenue.

We would need to do a deeper diver to fully understand the share of each brand’s 3P vs. 1P business.


humidiers_keywordsOur data was drawn from an automated, daily analysis of top keywords in the Amazon L3 Humidifier Parts & Accessories category over a one-year period. Our method focused on 1P brands and their associated SKUs. Marketing performance was determined by analyzing Share of Voice which essentially divides how many times a brand appears in search results, by the total available slots in the search results. Our system looked at both organic and paid ads for the top keywords discovered for the Humidifier Parts & Accessories category on Amazon. Our system focused on page 1 search results and the product page for each SKU. Each appearance of the brand in organic search and paid ad slots was given equal weighting. Revenue Leakage was determined by an algorithm that analyzes inventory availability of the SKUs on the product page and translates that into estimated revenue missed for each brand due to things like a SKU being Currently Unavailable, Inventory Encumbrance, Item Under Review, a 3P seller taking the buy box, etc.

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