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Tripp Lite, winning SOV is critical to driving incremental revenue
October 20, 2020

Hey Tripp Lite team, I noticed that your share of voice is low in the Surge Protector category, so thought I’d reach out to you.

You’re probably optimizing for the wrong Ad Metric

  • Optimizing for RoAS/ACoS doesn’t give incremental returns
  • Gaming RoAS/ACoS is easy
  • Brands are moving to tech-enabled advertising
  • Your ad spend doesn’t optimize for inventory levels or profitability

Why should I care about optimizing for Share of Voice, I already have +ve returns on my Ad spend!

Share of voice on eCommerce is the % of time your products appear on Page 1 for KEYWORDS YOU CARE ABOUT

  • > 50% of eCommerce traffic goes directly to search results
  • >90% of purchases are made on Page 1
  • >67% of purchases are from the Top 3 Results

This is awesome, show me how I can optimize for Share of Voice

  1. CONTEXT-AWARE Advertising

Your Advertising should take into account your Sales, Profitability, Inventory Levels and Competitor data. Your ads should dynamically turn off if your inventory levels drop below a certain threshold, or if your profitability drops. If your agency utilizes your ad-dollars based on your inventory or profit levels?

  1. REAL-TIME Bidding

Incorporate consumer demand, competitor spending patterns, seasonality, time of day, shopper habits to adjust your bids in real-time. When was the last time your bids were changed by your agency?

  1. MACHINE LEARNING enabled, PEOPLE powered

If you’re selling 400 ASIN’s with 30 Variables, you will need to make almost 2 Decisions/minute to optimize your advertising. Only Machine learning and artificial intelligence had the power to scale up and surface key insights that optimize your ad-spend. Are you losing to competitors because you aren’t leveraging ML/AI in your ads?

I love the idea, but why should I care?

Leading consumer brands are leveraging Machine Learning enabled people powered approach to constantly optimize for Share of Voice which have delivered them incremental returns

YES PLEASE, I want to learn more

YES, but my agency contract is still on, and I don’t know how I’m doing!!!

Receive a FREE Assessment to

  • Spot opportunities to improve your search ranking by up to 50%
  • Identify wasteful ad spend and improve media effectiveness by 20%
  • Size the incremental revenue opportunity and see what competitors are doing

If you found this useful, share it with your colleagues. If you simply want to chat with me – book some time. Have a wonderful rest of your day and thanks for reading this.

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