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August 1, 2019

Organic Share of Voice Greatly Outpacing Paid in the Electronics Category on Amazon

Amazon’s Electronics L1 category is showing an unusual Share of Voice pattern among larger brands. Brands with the greatest organic share of voice also tend to have maxed out their paid share of voice. But in this case, Canon and Samsung are true outliers who have garnered very high organic share of voice in their given L3 categories despite having low paid share of voice. SanDisk’s position is more typical. Even HP and Netgear can be considered outliers too, just not in as dramatic a fashion.



In the visual above we have Canon (Printers & Accessories), Samsung (Portable Speakers & Docks) and SanDisk (Data Storage) as having High Untapped Marketing Potential. This means they have high organic share of voice (Y-axis) and low paid, giving them a high organic-to-paid ratio (X-axis). Extremely high as a matter of fact. Actually, with the exception of Brother (Printers & Accessories), every brand in this Amazon category has an organic-to-paid share of voice ratio above 1. That’s pretty unusual.

Canon enjoys 26% organic share of voice but only 2% paid. Samsung comes in at 19% organic and a mere 0.1% paid. SanDisk rounds out the group with an equally lopsided 14% organic and 1.2% paid.

In these circumstances we would ordinarily suggest there are large gains to be had by pushing the paid envelope. But given how widespread the imbalance is in this category we would rather pose the question directly to the brands of why this is the case!

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 3.32.11 PM

Normally we only highlight brands with the highest organic-to-paid share of voice ratio. But in this case HP (Printers & Accessories) and Netgear (Networking Products) are definitely honorable mentions. In a more typically structured category, these two brands would have been the outliers with high untapped marketing potential. It’s just Canon and Samsung basically warped the scale for the other brands! HP has a 40% organic share of voice (wow!) and 18% paid (also wow) for a 2.2 organic-to-paid ratio . Netgear has 21% organic (wow again) and 7% paid, which makes for a solid 2.8 ratio.

You can see the rest of the brands generally adhere to the curve on the visual. Those brands with high organic share of voice tend to have high paid as well. And it’s the brands who are a bit lower down on the organic scale that often have tremendous paid upside.


We ran an analysis of 100+ brands in six of Amazon’s L3 categories within the Amazon Electronics L1 category:

Across all the categories we gathered over 6 months of daily data on each brand’s share of voice. We then followed these steps:

  1. Sorted the brands by organic share of voice to focus on the more prominent brands;
  2. Selected the 12 with highest share of voice;
  3. Plotted their organic share of voice (vertical axis) against their ratio of organic vs. paid share of voice (horizontal);
  4. If a parent company had multiple brands in the top 12 we included them so long as they were in different categories. If they were in the same category we selected the brand with the highest organic share of voice;

This analysis is of course not exhaustive. We will likely add more L3 categories to the mix in the future. The intent was to give brands a framework within which to visualize and consider their brand’s positioning within their respective category.

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