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August 2, 2019

The Pet Supplies Category on Amazon Has Handful of Brands With Big Marketing Upside

Amazon’s Pet Supplies L1 category has several brands with high organic-to-paid share of voice ratios. That is, they appear frequently in organic search results on Amazon but are not pushing hard to appear in paid search results. The Pet Supplies category is similar to others we’ve analyzed. The brands with the highest organic share of voice like Central Garden & Pet tend to have similar organic and paid share of voice metrics, while mid-sized brands show the most upside potential to increase paid share of voice.



In the visual above we see Pedigree (Food), Petmate (Litter & Housebreaking), Outward Hound (Toys) and Milk-Bone (Health Supplies) with High Untapped Marketing Potential. This means they have high organic share of voice (Y-axis) and low paid, giving them a high organic-to-paid ratio (X-axis).

Pedigree enjoys 8% organic share of voice but virtually 0% paid. Clearly, their products are in demand, they do a good job fulfilling that demand, and are being rewarded by Amazon with strong organic search results. Similarly, Petmate has 7% organic share of voice and only 0.2% paid. And Outward Hound has 6% organic and 0.6% paid. The question is how high could Pedigree, Petmate and Outward Hound go with a stronger investment in paid?

Milk-Bone and really Nature’s Miracle too, have organic-to-paid ratios of over 3. While not as extreme as the brands mentioned above, we suspect there may be significant headroom for them to consider a strong investment in paid ads on Amazon.


We ran an analysis of 70+ brands in four of Amazon’s L3 categories within the Amazon Pet Supplies L1 category:

Across all the categories we gathered over 6 months of daily data on each brand’s share of voice. We then followed these steps:

  1. Sorted the brands by organic share of voice to focus on the more prominent brands;
  2. Selected the 12 with highest share of voice;
  3. Plotted their organic share of voice (vertical axis) against their ratio of organic vs. paid share of voice (horizontal);
  4. If a parent company had multiple brands in the top 12 we included them so long as they were in different categories. If they were in the same category we selected the brand with the highest organic share of voice;

This analysis is of course not exhaustive. We will likely add more L3 categories to the mix in the future. The intent was to give brands a framework within which to visualize and consider their brand’s positioning within their respective category.

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