Popular strategies used by CommerceIQ customers and their business impact
Pradeep Subbarayan
on May 10 2019

In this webinar snapshot, CommerceIQ CEO Guru Hariharan presents a few of the 30+ CommerceIQ strategies customers can select from. These include Basket Building on Growth SKUs, Predicted Out Of Stocks and 1st Page SKU Drop-offs. Watch the video below for an overview of popular CommerceIQ strategies.  


This is part #9 of a series of 9 webinar snapshots you can explore to learn more about how Bayer uses CommerceIQ to drive its success on Amazon: 

#1. What are Bayer's E-commerce priorities? (time = 3:02) 

#2. How was Bayer's E-commerce business setup and what challenges did they have on Amazon? (time = 3:06)

#3. Examples of Bayer's business challenges. (time = 2:33)  

#4. Why did Bayer choose CommerceIQ? (time = 4:49)  

#5. What impact did CommerceIQ have on Bayer in the first 3 months? (time = 1:45) 

#6. How CommerceIQ helped Bayer tackle 3P sellers? (time = 2:37) 

#7. What quantifiable results did Bayer achieve with CommerceIQ (time = 2:09) 

#8. How do Bayer's E-commerce and Amazon sales teams view the impact of CommerceIQ? (time = 1:27) 

#9. Popular strategies used by CommerceIQ customers and their business impact. (time = 2:39)




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