Lots of Small Drips in the Amazon Bathroom Fixtures Category
John Rode
on Apr 11 2019

The Amazon bathroom fixtures category is very finely segmented. No brand has more than 7% share of voice. That makes for interesting positioning in our quadrant. It would probably be fair to tilt the quadrant up and to the right to allow the niche performers to elevate into the High IQ Brand quadrant. Having said that, it's clear Masco and NCH are demonstrating operational excellence. While Lixil, Kohler, Masco and Bemis are exhibiting marketing prowess that puts them a head above competing brands.

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This BrandIQ Quadrant benchmarks brand performance by the critical disciplines of supply chain operations and marketing. Who is best able to both drive and fulfill demand on Amazon in this category? The metric that underpins marketing is Share of Voice (how often your brand appears in organic or paid search results), and for operations it's revenue leakage (how well are you able to avoid losing sales because shoppers are unable to buy your product because it's unavailable, lost buy box to 3Ps, etc.). Given Amazon's ever-increasing complexity and speed, mastering both is not simple.     

Niche Performers

Masco, NCH, Kohler and Bemis may not have dominant share of voice, but they do have strong supply chains. Most are relying on organic share of voice rather than paid. In fact, in this category only Lixil (Laggards quadrant) is putting real muscle behind paid search. With organic share of voice between 3% and 9% these four brands have achieved nominal separation from the other brands. Get the full BrandIQ report to see how all the brands are performing on all tracked metrics.

On the supply chain side, they are all seeing at least moderate success. Bemis is doing the best job fending off the 3Ps with under 1% revenue lost to 3Ps. NCH is suffering the most losing the buy box, but even then it's only 5% of revenue. Masco and NCH lose almost 0% revenue to availability issues, well done! Bemis and Kohler are losing 11% and 8%, respectively, to availability issues. That's enough to just about push them into the Laggards quadrant. 




We could have included Fortune Brands in the Niche Performers market. Its 1% revenue loss due to availability issues is outstanding. However, missing out on 11% of revenue due to loss of the buy box was enough to push them to the line.

Lixil is a unique player. With 14% share of paid voice they are by far the biggest spender in the category. But since 18% of their revenue is lost due to availability issues they are stuck in the Laggards quadrant for now. Get the full BrandIQ report to see the data breakouts for each brand in this category.

Everflow and Toto are pegged in the corner of the quadrant. They are suffering from 50%+ revenue loss due to availability issues. There is certainly work to be done there.

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Our data was drawn from an automated, daily analysis of top keywords in the Amazon bathroom fixtures category over a one-year period. Our method focused on 1P brands and their associated SKUs. Marketing performance was determined by analyzing Share of Voice which essentially divides how many times a brand appears in search results, by the total available slots in the search results. Our system looked at both organic and paid ads for the top keywords discovered for the bathroom fixtures category on Amazon. Our system focused on page 1 search results and the product page for each SKU. Each appearance of the brand in organic search and paid ad slots was given equal weighting. Revenue Leakage was determined by an algorithm that analyzes inventory availability of the SKUs on the product page and translates that into estimated revenue missed for each brand due to things like a SKU being Currently Unavailable, Inventory Encumbrance, Item Under Review, a 3P seller taking the buy box, etc. 


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